The Society of Art Librarianship Students is a group for graduate students at Indiana University – Bloomington interested in the field of art librarianship, visual resources and anything related. The society promotes professional development, facilitate networking among members and art librarians, organize informational talks by professionals, and visit fine arts libraries.

OFFICERS 2017/18

President: Julia Kilgore

Vice President: Ashley Hinshaw

While this student group is independent of the Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) and the Visual Resources Association (VRA), many students pursuing careers in art librarianship are also active with these national associations.



OFFICERS 2016/17

President: Kendra Werst

Vice President: Vaughan Hennen

Secretary: Andrew Wang

Treasurer: Leslie Winter

Graphic Designer: Kendra Werst

Social Media Coordinator: Ava Dickerson

Professional Development: Julia Kilgore