SALS went on a day trip to Indianapolis to visit the Indianapolis Art Museum and the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.
We met with Alba Fernández-Keys, a reference librarian at IMA’s Stout Library.
The Stout Reference Library is a non-circulating research collection that is available to IMA staff, docents, students, collectors, researchers, and community members who conduct research on IMA collections and the visual arts in general. The collection of about 100,000 volumes includes books, magazines and journals, auction catalogs, ephemera files, and museum and gallery publications from around the world. The library also subscribes to a number of electronic databases that support art historical and market research. New books are regularly added to our collection.
Alba talked with us about the roots of the IMA and the library, and the way it has changed over the years. SALS members and Alba also discussed topics on the differences of museum and academic librarianship, diversity in the workplace, spatial design and storage and fairness in volunteering and staffing.
Alba also mentioned internships and job opportunities at the IMA and beyond, and it was wonderful to get some career advice from a working art librarian!

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